A redesign of an existing WordPress site we had created started out as a simple layout and restructuring of content. However, the client also wanted to merge the content from another site and combine it all into one robust site.

On the front end, we created a custom child theme utilizing the MDW Theme as its parent. We also integrated a “Content Filter” plugin to help users more easily find what they’re looking for. It also features our Twitter API Fetcher which allows us to use the Twitter library throughout our site. Beyond that we just restructured some menus and moved a few pages around.

The bulk of this project was spent on the backend. I developed several custom plugins for this site including CPCE Post Check and Duplicate Post Check. I also utilized my Category to Custom Post Type plugin. All three helped with content migration and the merging of the two sites. We used the MDW CMS plugin to help structure the content and wrote a few WP CLI functions to move some of the posts.

All-in-all it’s a great site and it works so fluidly, users would have no idea the amount of work that went into it.

This project was done while working at Miller Designworks

Project Details