When I took over the PCA website, it was outdated and coded in a combination of ASP and messy HTML. The first thing I did was convert the site to PHP with a mySQL back-end. Over time, I began to modify the content and work on the general flow of the site. Each winter (the cycling off-season) I continue to work with the PCA on developing new features and enhancing the content on the site. This has included syncing the PCA database with the USAC database for complete transparency as well as reworking the database structure and controls for easier use. I have also built a custom CMS and created an RSS feed for the PCA. Overall, I’m very proud of the site and continue to work on it to make it more efficient and accessible for everyone.

The site uses a custom child theme of a WordPress them I created. It also utilizes a custom calendar plugin I created specifically for the site. In 2016, the site has become a test case, and eventually a key user of my Ultimate League Management plugin. This plugin is slated to be in the official WordPress repository in June 2016.

Project Details