As part of a larger Miller Designworks project, we developed an interactive exploration of the Schyulkill River and it’s surrounding areas. The project went beyond the scope of simple development as we had to also optimize the hardware to power the four touch screens that utilized this web application.

My main job was to develop the user interface which consisted of four sections and a help menu. Each section had a video that would play. The videos were developed using a custom Google Earth project that featured “flying” from point-to-point and custom popups at each location with photos and a voice over.

On the hardware end, we basically setup each touch screen/computer as a kiosk with a MAMP server that powered the application.

I currently do not have screenshots, but can provide more information if need be.

This project was done while working at Miller Designworks

Project Details

  • Client: Schuylkill River National and State Heritage Area
  • Completed: May 2012