2015 Website Update and a Blog?

So I want to start blogging again. Not sure what about. I’m thinking cycling, work, fun, etc. Some posts may be nerdy and all about WordPress. Others may be super boring and about my training and riding. Either way, I want to write more and share some stories. I know this is a weak start, but it’s a start none the less.

As far as this site goes, a new version is in development. I have my regular work, some side projects and then the new PCA site all in development. The PCA site will come first, then this. I also have some PACX obligations I need to fulfill. Unrelated to all this is the fact my Facebook page is getting a lot of views, so put that on the list of things to get rolling again. Lots of promises on my end, maybe that’s the point of this post…a way to kick my ass into gear and get stuff done.

Did I also mention I’ve started training again…and brewing beer. Lots to talk about it appears.