EMdotNet screenshot

EMdotNet version…?

My wife recently started writing again and I realized how much I missed it. Last year I buried myself into The Run Up,  and as usual, I got in way over my head and burnt out. 

Outside of the mess that was 2020, I began thinking about where I want to put my energy and effort. I’m firing up a cycling specific site (coming soon) where I’m going to blog about my training, fun rides, theories and general thoughts and advice. I also think it’s a good idea to get more involved in the WordPress community. Right now, for me, the best way to do that is to share what I’ve been working on.

Welcome to EMdotNet version 3? 4? 5? Who knows?

Im firing EMdotNet back up. I actually found a blog post from 2015 that I never published. I guess you could say that this is five years in the making.

So what can you expect?

As I mentioned, it’s going to be focused more on my work, specifically with WordPress. The goal is to post twice a month with fun things I’ve been doing, general thoughts about the internet and a mix of other topics. Maybe I’ll throw in a few family posts, but the main goal is to use this outlet to share with the WordPress community things I’ve been working on and thinking about.

It also comes with a major overhaul of the site. I gutted the theme to make it fast, simple, and completely powered by Gutenberg. No more bootstrap or complex menus and custom templates. I also streamlined the content. My work is in GitHub and rather than list a bunch of themes and plugins, I simply added a link to my repo.

This first post may be a bit disjointed and I apologize for that. Once the rust wears off, hopefully you’ll enjoy the content and gain insight to what drives me on a professional level.